Expert AdWords Management Setup

To help us hit the center of the target as soon as possible, we need to make sure we set up your AdWords account for success. This service includes:

  • Creating the AdWords account

  • Keyword research and development of the initial keyword lists

  • Ad copy writing, including multiple ads per Ad Group

  • Addition of Ad Extensions, such as Callout Extensions, Structured Snippet Extensions, Call Extensions, and more

  • Configuration for Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices

  • Addition of negative keywords

  • Choosing location targets


AdWords Ongoing Optimization

AdWords is not a “set it and forget it” system. Not only is Google constantly changing, but your competitors are constantly changing their AdWords strategies, bids, keywords, and ads. To get the most from your AdWords spend, you need to make sure your account is constantly being supervised and optimized.​​

Our fees for Adwords Setup and Ongoing Optimization vary depending on the type and size of your business.  Our prices start at $399 for the setup and $79/month for the ongoing maintenance.  

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