• Robert M.

Is Google Ads a Rip-Off?

Many people wonder if Google Ads is a ripoff. It's easy to setup a Google Ads Express account with Google even with zero experience with advertising on Google. There are not much settings or options for the campaign, and Google helps set it up. But - the success rate is very low. This is because Google's priority is making money for Google. They give you many clicks, but are these good-quality clicks?

A good quality click is a potential customer that genuinely has interest in purchasing your product or service. It's not someone that is searching for something completely different and decides to click on your ad just out of curiosity. It's not a sales person trying to collect your info. And it's not a "fake click" from a click farm. You must beware of these fake clicks. When you advertise with "Google Partner" sites, you have a high risk of being a victim of fake clicks. Individuals or 3rd parties have the opportunity to join Google AdSense and display Google ads on their site. They get paid every time someone clicks on the ad. So, many times they will pay click farms overseas to click away on the ads, and get paid for these fake clicks. You are paying every time these fake clicks occur, and are seeing zero benefits.

These are just a couple examples of bad, wasteful clicks that you can get on Google.

So your best option is to hire an expert with Google Ads (not Google Ads Express), and have them set all of the many various settings in your favor. These people are often called Google Ads Managers. They can adjust the settings of not advertising on these partner sites I mentioned above, settings of ad schedule, geographic targeting, keywords and keyword settings, and the list goes on and on. It's not recommended that you try to setup a Google Ads account by yourself. As one wrong setting can cost you big-time.

Is utilizing Google Ads a good idea for your business? That's not a simple yes-or-no question. It depends on many factors, such as the type of business you have, your margins, competition, etc. Try to find a good, honest marketing consultant to find your best answer here.

No matter what, my #1 rule of spending money on advertising, is set yourself up for maximum conversions/ROI

Google Ads Manager

success before you start spending money on ads. This includes:

1. Having an excellent website.

2. Have great online reviews (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.)

2. Setting up your business for success: Maximizing ticket amount on your sales. (up-selling and cross-promoting) Also customer retention, maximizing margins, preparing your potential clients/customers for an excellent experience so they leave good reviews and come back.