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Wix Web Design Solution for a Career Coach

Wix Web Design for Career Coach

Recently, the expertise of our Fort Lauderdale Wix web designer team had the opportunity to uplift the online presence of a remarkable Career Coach, Damien Monel. As the founder of Career Protagonists, Damien assists job seekers in navigating the complexities of modern job markets. Whether it's refining your current role, optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, or mastering interview techniques, Damien offers invaluable support at every step of your career journey.

A seasoned recruiter for Amazon, a former advisor at Apple, and a Certified Career Coach, Damien specializes in providing personalized guidance to help clients unlock their true career potential. His extensive range of expertise includes self-branding, job market research, resume crafting, interview readiness, networking strategies, salary negotiations, and maintaining work-life balance.

The Problem

Damien reached out to us when he realized that his self-made Wix website wasn't making the desired first impression. Moreover, the site's setup hindered effective conversion, which was particularly critical as Damien offers packages for a variety of services.

The Solution

Our Wix web designer team stepped in to create a contemporary, visually appealing website that not only captured attention but also instilled trust in visitors. See it live here:

Here are the highlights of our work:

  • Modern Design: Our journey commenced by understanding Damien's vision. Collaborating closely, we chose a vibrant palette of colors that resonated with his brand. The outcome was a design that not only looked stunning but also seamlessly aligned with his brand identity.

  • Interactive User Experience: In today's digital landscape, static websites no longer suffice. Our team infused interactivity throughout the site, ensuring that visitors remained engaged from the moment they landed. Dynamic animations, interactive elements, and intuitive navigation paths created an immersive browsing experience.

Wix Pricing Plans feature incorporated in the website

  • Efficient Automations: To optimize efficiency, we introduced smart automations to streamline backend processes using native Wix solutions. From capturing leads and handling customer inquiries to scheduling appointments, these automations enabled Damien's team to focus on delivering exceptional services.

  • Smooth Payment Processing: Seamlessly handling transactions is a cornerstone of online success. By integrating secure and seamless payment processing solutions in this Wix website, we ensured that customers could complete transactions with confidence and ease.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices, we meticulously optimized the website for various screen sizes. This ensured a seamless experience, regardless of whether visitors were on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The transformation wasn't merely a visual overhaul; it was a strategic step to bolster Damien's online presence and achieve concrete results. Our commitment to modern design, interactivity, and smart solutions culminated in a website that impressed visitors and established the groundwork for sustained growth.

At NO BS Design and Marketing, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation—one Wix website at a time. If you're ready to embark on your transformative journey, contact us today. Let's collaborate to elevate your brand's digital standing.


NO BS Design and Marketing is a Fort Lauderdale Wix web design agency, specializes in crafting stunning websites. Our focus is on capturing attention, while boosting your business' visibility and credibility. Take charge of your online presence with our user-friendly Wix designs. Whether you're a local business or a growing startup, we're here to enhance your digital landscape. Contact us today to revolutionize your brand's online impact.


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