Now, online reviews are becoming increasingly crucial.   In fact, often they can make or break a business... 

In the digital age, one of the most powerful and sometimes controversial tools in existence is an online review. Sites like Yelp or Google and comments on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter continue to impact purchase decisions. Potential customers use these sites as the first stop for anything from an attractive dinner spot, places to shop or to find a skilled contractor.   Continue reading here


Reputaton Software

Our Review Booster Application

Get More Positive Reviews, and Prevent Negative Reviews.


Works in 3 Easy Steps!



Step 1




Get more Yelp reviews



Simply add your customers. All you need is their phone or email address to get started.  It’s simple to get started and zero technical skills are required. All you need is a customer’s phone and/or email address. Input a customer’s name and email address or cell phone number into the form, and the automated review funnel does the rest.

Step 2

Customers receive a simple message via text message and/or to their inbox.

Each customer added receives a simple message by email or phone text message. Customers see your short message or email, click on the link provided, and are immediately taken to the next step in the review funnel.

Get more Google Reviews

Step 3














If a customer rates you highly they will be rerouted to the positive review funnel page where they will be asked to copy and paste that review on a review site of your choice presented on the page.

this is how you avoid negative reviews!

A negative customer review is captured privately so you can follow up with the customer to resolve their problem before it goes viral. The negative review is not given the option to be posted online.


The more positive reviews your website has..

 The higher your site will rank in the search engines!

Get Yelp Reviews

The Customer Leaves a Feedback.

Complete Reputation Management Platform


  • Automatically engage your customers for feedback in the right way— at the best time — with easy review options.

  • Effortlessly manage your online reputation in one simple and user-friendly dashboard that displays an overall feedback and online rating score for your business.

  • Monitor your business reputation and review activity, staying informed in real-time with email and text alerts notifying you and your staff to new ratings or reviews.

Remove Negative Yelp Reviews